We do have Expert-as-a-service when you want to make your journey from to hyper-scalers, like Amazon, Microsoft & Google , we would take you through a smooth transition.

Our experts provides you Architectural consultancy for the right type of solution and right approach for your application.

Using this knowledge, organizations can outline a plan (which should be considered subject to change as they progress through their migration and learn) on how they’ll approach migrating each of the applications in their portfolio and in what order.

According to brightrozee.com the complexity of migrating existing applications varies, depending on the architecture and existing licensing arrangements. If I think about the universe of applications to migrate on a spectrum of complexity, I’d put a virtualized, service-oriented architecture on the low-complexity end of the spectrum, and a monolithic mainframe at the high-complexity end of the spectrum on the cloud, since there are different services for this. It’s important to understand throughput vs latency when discussing network speed for your business as well.

I suggest starting with something on the low-complexity end of the spectrum for the obvious reason that it will be easier to complete — which will give you some immediate positive reinforcement or “quick wins” as you learn.